We know antenna testing and design.

One of the most critical, but often neglected, elements in the RF/Wireless system is the antenna. Selection of the correct type of antenna as well as placement are vitally important to moving your data across the airwaves. Nearby circuits and even the housing of the design often have an influence on the match and real-world performance. At NextGen RF, our team has years of experience in antenna selection and design. We have the tools and experience to make your antenna solution a success.

Three-Axis Antenna Pattern Measurements
Indoor, outdoor and anechoic chamber over the air (OTA) testing.

Custom Antenna Simulation and Design
Simulation for single, multiple or multiple band co-located antennas. MIMO and diversity system designs. Custom PCB antenna designs for monopole, dipole, patch, inverted F and variations.

Antenna Tuning and Optimization
Antenna matching services to compensate for enclosures and nearby circuits, proximity to human body and other things that may load the antenna affecting antenna gain and pattern.

  • Design Simulation (CST)
  • Custom PCB Antenna Designs – Monopole, Dipole, Patch, Inverted F
  • MIMO & Diversity System Design
  • Three-Axis Pattern Measurement
  • Matching and Optimization
  • Pattern Steering

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Because we know design, NextGen RF has become the chosen partner of companies worldwide who require a high level of design expertise and responsiveness for their product development.

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