Design Creation

We know design creation for RF design.

Design creation at NextGen RF follows a proven, process driven, model. Then, throughout the design process, we conduct cross-team design reviews at critical checkpoints. Bill of material (BOM) health analysis is conducted prior to final components selection then fabrication and assembly are completed on a quick turn basis so the design can quickly be evaluated.

Process Driven Design
NextGen RF’s process driven design is well structured but flexible enough to accommodate various types of designs and requirements for different industries.

Cross-Team Design Reviews
NextGen RF conducts cross-team design reviews for product requirements, design architecture, schematic capture, PCB design, embedded design and design verification testing (DVT).

BOM Analysis
At NextGen RF, a health review for components needed in the design is conducted to ensure component availability/longevity for new designs or when refreshing designs.

Quick-Turn Prototypes
NextGen RF employs quick turn fabrication and prototyping in order to accelerate design cycles and provide quick feedback on the design for verification and validation testing.

  • Proven, Process Driven Design
  • Cross-Team Design Reviews at Critical Checkpoints
  • BOM Analysis & Parts Procurement
  • Quick Turn Prototype Fabrication and Assembly

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