Public Safety

We know public safety RF design.

NextGen RF is a leader in providing radio solutions for public safety applications. Our experience includes designs for high power, high linearity APCO P25 P1 & P2 base station transceivers; APCO P25 software defined radios (SDRs), Power amplifier designs featuring high linearity Cartesian feedback used in positive train control (PTC) systems, to public safety hand held radios used by first responders and radio designs as part of a school messaging alert system used in the event of emergency lock-downs. NextGen RF is a proven partner and our designs work to accommodate any environment within public safety field.

  • BLE/LoRa Radio Design for Emergency School Alert System
  • RF Electronics for Positive Train Control System
  • Multi-Band Vehicle Location Tracking Equipment
  • APCO P25 Highly Linear Power Amplifiers for Base Station Equipment

NextGen RF at Work

See how our solutions are successfully
meeting the needs of clients.

Proven Design Expertise


Low noise receivers to high power transmitters. Pre-certified modules or chip down solutions.


Custom antenna simulation and design. Three-axis antenna pattern measurements, tuning and

Embedded Design

Microprocessors, DSPs, FPGAs, M2M protocol implementation and design.

Digital & Analog

Power supplies, DAC/ADC, USB, Ethernet, UART, SPI, CPRI, high speed memory, voltage
and waveform generation.

Test Fixtures & ATS

EOL and Functional Test Fixtures, fixtures for RF/Wireless, single or multi-up. Automated
Test Systems. Certified LabVIEW programmers.

PCB Design

RF, High Power, and high speed digital expertise. Single sided, double sided, multi-layer.
Altium, Mentor Graphics, OrCAD.