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RF/Wireless is difficult & engineering intensive to build. Based on our clients requests, NextGen RF’s manufacturing center was opened and is specifically aimed at supporting production of these types of products test and integration requirements. Unlike traditional electronic manufacturing service (EMS) providers, NextGen RF’s RF/Wireless expertise with this technology allows us to efficiently manufacture these products and troubleshoot/resolve issues in-house. Our experienced team can recommend and support manufacturing solutions scaled to meet high mix, low to medium volume production.

Test Fixture Design, Build and Maintenance
Part of NextGen RF’s support for manufacturing of these RF/Wireless products includes development, build and maintenance of specialized test fixtures and automated test systems needed for the production line.

Sustainment Engineering
Based on NextGen RF’s expertise and experience with RF/Wireless products, we are able to identify, troubleshoot and resolve product or production line related issues, including component obsolescence issues that may crop up, to ensure the production line remains up and running.

  • Specialized in RF/Wireless Products
  • Troubleshooting and Issues Resolution for RF/Wireless
  • Sustainment Engineering

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