Test Fixtures & ATS

We know test fixture and ATS system development.

At NextGen RF, in addition to designing RF/Wireless products, we know how to test them. We design end of line (EOL) test fixtures and automated test systems for RF and wireless equipment to address many of the same challenges encountered for the RF circuit designs. In addition, EOL test fixtures often include provisions to serialize units, assign MAC addresses, capture/record test data and store the information in databases for quality assurance, warranty or repairs purposes. We design our test fixtures to be efficient to use, meet worker safety requirements, handle hundreds to multi-thousands of cycles and allow for periodic maintenance. We know test fixture design and can help you with this important part of going to production. 

  • Specialized in RF/Wireless Functional Test Fixtures
  • Single-Up and Multi-Up Designs
  • Custom Bed-of-Nails and RF Interfaces
  • Automated Test Systems
  • LabVIEW Certified Programmers

Why NextGen RF is the go-to partner for design, testing and fabrication.

Because we know design, NextGen RF has become the chosen partner of companies worldwide who require a high level of design expertise and responsiveness for their product development.

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