How do I engage with NextGen RF for my project?

We kick things off with a preliminary discussion regarding the type of work you would like to consider having done. If our capabilities align well with the desired work, a NDA would be executed followed by defining the project requirements. NextGen RF then prepares a quote or detail proposal depending on the scope of work. If the quote/proposal is acceptable, issuing a PO would trigger the start of work.

Who will own and control the Intellectual Property (IP) rights related to my project?

The client owns the source material to everything that was developed during the project, including schematic, native layout files, source code, gerbers, bill of materials, etc. under a non-exclusive license agreement. NextGen RF remains free to exploit the intellectual property rights to the circuit, sub-circuit, software and other elements that are the building blocks of product development; examples of which would include power supplies, gain blocks, filters, temperature compensation circuits, etc.

I only need help with a part of my project; does NextGen RF support this type of piecemeal work?

Yes. We are a small company and support each of our services on an a la carte basis. Of course if you desire to combine additional services, we are happy to do that as well up to full turn key or custom product development.

Does NextGen RF work under NRE only contracts or can you supply complete solutions for reduced NRE?

NextGen RF can provide complete solutions, and in certain situations can design for reduced NRE in exchange for an exclusive manufacturing contract for a period of time. Some restrictions may apply.