Digital & Analog

We know digital and analog design.

Digital and analog are the glue and backbone for RF/Wireless designs. These design elements include the communications interfaces, power supply and charging, memory, ADC/DAC, waveform generation, etc. There are special considerations for these design elements when operating in an RF environment that pose unique challenges, especially for EMI/EMC. NextGen RF’s engineers have the experience to navigate these design challenges to ensure successful designs.

Power Supplies
LDO, AC/DC, DC/DC switch mode power supplies, low noise, high efficiency.

Analog Circuitry
Signal conditioning, op-amp design, control design and analysis, voltage and current wave form generation.

  • Communications Interfaces – SPI, I2C, UART, Ethernet, USB and Parallel Address/Data Busses
  • Power Supply Designs and Charging Systems
  • High Speed Memory
  • Voltage and Waveform Generation
  • Motor Control Circuit Design

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