We know RF circuits and systems design.

RF is a powerful enabling technology for so many applicationsalthough not always straightforward or easy to implement.  Component placement, routing of the PCB layout, RF ground and shielding (when needed) are critical to successful designs. Different types of signal modulations impose their own challenging and unique design requirements. Our engineering team and designers at NextGen RF have years of experience in navigating these and other challenges associated with RF electronics and delivering designs that work. Let us put our expertise to work for your design.

Custom/Discrete Radio Design
Custom hardware developed to optimize link budget, battery life, size, latency, throughput and cost for your application.

Standards Based/Module Radio Design
Modular or Chip-Down for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular, GPS and ZigBee.

High Power Amplifier Design
Class A, AB, B, C, Doherty, Cartesian feedback, RF and Digital pre-distortion. Power to 300W.

  • Discrete Design, Chip Down or Module/Modem
  • High Power Amplifiers & Linearization
  • Narrowband, High Performance or Wideband, High Data Rate Designs
  • RF Range Optimization

Why NextGen RF is the go-to partner for design, testing and fabrication.

Because we know design, NextGen RF has become the chosen partner of companies worldwide who require a high level of design expertise and responsiveness for their product development.

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