RF System on Module

Coming Soon BytePipe x9002 System on Module (SOM)

The x9002 SOM is a Software Defined Radio (SDR) System on Module (SOM) based on Analog Devices Inc.’s ADRV9002 Agile Transceiver™ with the Xilinx ZYNC®- UltraScale+, ZU2CG SoC. The SOM can be used as an evaluation tool, prototyping platform or integrated into a full-scale end product. 

A 2×2 MIMO transceiver with integrated DPD engine, operates from 30MHz to 6,000MHz and supports both narrowband and wideband bandwidths from 12.5 KHz to 40MHz, making it suitable for applications including land mobile radio, APCO P25-PII, satellite communications, IoT, etc. 

NextGen RFthrough our design services labcan also support customized versions optimized for application specific requirements.

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  • Two Independently Controlled Tx and Two Independently Controlled Rx Channels
  • Operates From 30MHz to 6,000MHz
  • 12.5KHz to 40MHz Radio Signal Bandwidth 
  • 150 dBc/Hz Dynamic Range
  • FDD and TDD Capable—Supports Narrowband or Wideband up to 40MHz Channel Bandwidth
  • Each Transceiver Subsystem Includes DC Offset Correction, Quadrature Error Correction and Programmable 128 Taps Rx/Tx Programmable FIR Filters
  • Board Support Package (BSP) for Linux, RTOS and Bare Metal OS
  • Support for Third Party Tools Including MATLAB, Simulink, Gnu Radio
  • Integrated Digital Pre-Distortion (NB/WB)
  • Fast Frequency Hopping

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